Beautiful christening dresses for baptisms and christenings               

Heirloom Christening Dresses

Beautiful Heirloom and Silk Christening Dresses

Sunday Best Christening Dresses

Special dresses for girls for their baptism

We have a superb selection of christening dresses for your child's baptism or special day. There are two beautiful collections, our Heirloom Christening Dresses and our Exclusive Christening Dresses. Our range includes accessories, bonnet, shoes, cardigans, headbands, booties, hats, bibs and shawls. We provide a wide range of dresses in white and ivory for girls from 3 months old.

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Exclusive Silk Christening Dresses Collection

Heirloom Christening Dresses Collection

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Christening Retailer has been a retailer of christening gowns for 17 years, and has had a presence on the internet throughout that time. Before they came into being, there wasn't really any businesses dedicated exclusively to christening, but thanks to an active internet presence, they were able to go against the mould and become one of the leading retailers of christening gowns in the country. They have an massive range of christening outfits to choose from, with many of them being produced exclusively for SundayBest.

Christening Gowns

If you want christening gowns in the UK then you can either get them by going to a retail store in person, or you can go to an ecommerce website. Both of these have positives and negatives, so you should consider your options in an informed manner before you decide. With a meeting in person, you may need to travel a far distance until you reach somewhere suitable, but you will get a great service, and you can experience all of your options in greater depth. With an ecommerce website, you get a level of convenience which you won't otherwise see, but you are limited in your ability to experience all the outfits have to offer. Whichever way you decide, it is always a good option to engage an expert in your decision.